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Super Silver Haze | 1/8th Bag

28.06 % THC0.07 % CBD
$28for 1/8 oz
Super Silver Haze is a cross between the legacy strains of the ’90s, Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze. SSH is a total throwback strain for us and takes us back to our early years of tracking down top-shelf cannabis and our many trips to Amsterdam hunting seeds back in the day. We get a little bit of pepper, certainly some skunk, and a little gas/chem on the nose. An uplifting sativa that can snap one into place while also reporting pain relief and appetite stimulation. The 3 dominant terpenes are caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene. Try it, you’ll like it!!
Prop 65 Warning
Our flower is bright emerald in color. Aromas of rich dark currants, nectarine skins, gushing blackberry, but lots of fragrant citrus, rich soil, white flowers, smashed minerals, and seaspray. On the palate, you'll find bubblegum, dark cherry, and a hint of blue Powerade. We're kidding. It smells like weed.