Baby Bloom

Ice Cream Cake | 1/8th Flower from Baby Bloom
Baby BloomIce Cream Cake | 1/8th Flower
31.41 % THC0.07 % CBD
Today within 1 hour
$551/8 oz
Satisfy your sweet tooth and your cannabis cravings with Ice Cream Cake, the indica strain that's like a decadent dessert in a bud! With its delicious blend of Wedding Cake and Gelato 33 genetics, this strain offers a uniquely sweet and creamy flavor profile that's sure to please your palate. Ice Cream Cake's aroma is like a delightful blend of sweet vanilla and creamy cake batter, while its smoke is smooth and flavorful, leaving a sweet and sugary aftertaste that's sure to satisfy your cravings. This strain's high is both relaxing and euphoric, making it the perfect choice for unwinding after a long day or simply enjoying some leisure time. So why not indulge in the delicious and satisfying effects of Ice Cream Cake? Whether you're looking to enhance your mood, relieve stress, or simply enjoy the indulgent flavors of this delightful strain, Ice Cream Cake has got you covered. So grab a spoon and experience the sweet and creamy effects of Ice Cream Cake, the indica strain that's like a decadent dessert in a bud!
Black Cherry Gelato | 1/8th Flower from Baby Bloom
Baby BloomBlack Cherry Gelato | 1/8th Flower
34.39 % THC
Today within 1 hour
$551/8 oz
Introducing Black Cherry Gelato, the hybrid strain that's as tantalizing as a sweet summer treat! With a flavor profile that's bursting with notes of juicy black cherry and creamy gelato, this bud is a true feast for the senses. But don't let its delicious taste fool you: Black Cherry Gelato packs a powerful punch thanks to its potent lineage. A cross between Black Cherry Funk and Acai Berry Gelato, this hybrid delivers a relaxing body high that's balanced out by a euphoric head buzz. So whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or just want to treat yourself to a little bit of luxury, Black Cherry Gelato is the perfect choice. Go ahead and indulge - you deserve it!