Blue's Beach

Lemon Cherry Gelato | 1/2oz Flower

24.31 % THC
$90for 1/2 oz
Indulge in the tantalizing flavors of Lemon Cherry Gelato, a delectable hybrid strain born from the crossbreeding of two cannabis heavyweights: Lemon Tree and Cherry Gelato. This luscious strain offers a symphony of sweet and tangy citrus notes paired with the deliciously smooth and creamy taste of gelato. With its balanced hybrid effects, Lemon Cherry Gelato delivers a blissful combination of uplifting euphoria and relaxing body sensations, making it perfect for both day and night time use. Let Lemon Cherry Gelato be your delightful dessert in the world of cannabis strains, tantalizing your taste buds and soothing your senses with its heavenly blend of flavors and effects.
Prop 65 Warning
Blue's Beach 1/2 oz Flower Pouch is a high-quality cannabis family that delivers a premium smoking experience. This strain is carefully cultivated and harvested to produce top-tier buds that are packed with flavor and aroma. The 1/2 oz flower pouch is perfect for those who prefer a smaller quantity or want to sample the strain before committing to a larger purchase.