Birds of Paradise

21.92 % THC
$36for 1/8 oz
Cannassentials' Birds of Paradise is a cross of Kali Snapple and Blue Heron. Its prominent terpenes are Limonene, Ocimene, and Myrcene, working together to cultivate a more daytime profile. A hit of Birds of Paradise tastes like a sip of a piña colada: smooth and tropical with a hint of pineapple and flower nectar. This is an energizing strain that can also be a bit hazy; it'll get you through any mind-numbing tasks and is great for working out. The goal of Cannassentials is to produce tasty and clean cannabis in a low-impact and nonharmful way. Its this family-owned farm's goal to continually reduce their eco footprint with grow methods producing as little waste as possible. They also craft their own compost teas and ferments produced from sustainable sources, largely food and herb from their own organic farm.
Prop 65 Warning