Pink Lemonade | 1g Live Resin

82.95 % THC
$35for 1 g
Pink Lemonade is a sativa-dominant hybrid with serious bag appeal. Although this strain’s roots are unknown, its potency and fruitiness are clear. Pink Lemonade offers a sour-sweet flavor alongside a pleasant combination of mental and physical effects. Pink Lemonade takes effect quick and fast. As soon as you start savouring the strain, whether in cigarette form, wax form or any other form, you will start to experience the hard-hitting effects. These may start with a throbbing sense in the temples and eyes known as hear rush. Some experience an increased salivation tendency. Soon after this and when you get accustomed to the high, you can dwell into the deep cerebral thoughts that Pink Lemonade provides you with. You might focus on things you’d otherwise ignore, and find creativity in things you thought were irrelevant. Because of such creativity boost, the Pink Lemonade weed is so popular among creatives, artists, musicians, etc.
Prop 65 Warning
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