Razz Tazz | 1g Diamonds

86.48 % THC
$40for 1 g
Step into the vibrant world of Razz Tazz, an invigorating sativa strain that entices the senses with its fruity flavors and uplifting effects. With visually appealing buds showcasing a mesmerizing blend of bright greens and hints of purple, complemented by fiery orange pistils and a generous coat of frosty trichomes, Razz Tazz captivates the eye. As you indulge in its enticing aroma, a delightful fusion of sweet raspberry and tropical fruits fills the air, invoking a sense of excitement and refreshment. The effects of Razz Tazz offer a burst of energy and creativity, making it a perfect strain for daytime activities and social gatherings. The sativa dominance of Razz Tazz ensures an uplifting experience, providing a sense of mental clarity and motivation that sparks the imagination and enhances productivity. Embrace the vibrant essence of Razz Tazz as it takes you on a journey of invigorating sensations, leaving you feeling uplifted, focused, and ready to seize the day with a fruity zest for life.
Prop 65 Warning
Diamonds pack a punch with a glossy crystal look, providing smooth tokes