Mangoñada | 1/8th Littles Flower

27.58 % THC0.2 % CBD
$30for 1/8 oz
Mangoñada has rave reviews for its flavorful aroma and taste, making it highly sought by consumers. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a package of this strain, you will be greeted with an aroma that is an enticing mix of over-ripe tropical fruit, pine, and fuel. When consumed, you will encounter sweet and sour flavors of grapefruit and mango, accented with spice and earth.The overall Mangoñada experience has been reported to be relaxing and calming.
Prop 65 Warning
Premium AAA light Dep Flower, grown in beautiful California. Indica, sativa, and hybrid. Freshly harvested for cannabis lovers to enjoy. And as always: No stick. No Seeds. No stems.