Uncle Snoop | 1oz Diamond Infused Shake

30.74 % THC0.16 % CBD
$90for 1 oz
Get ready to kick back and relax like the legendary Uncle Snoop with this incredible indica strain of cannabis. Uncle Snoop Indica is a true powerhouse, boasting a lineage that includes some of the most famous and beloved strains in the world. Bred from two classic strains, Master Kush and OG Kush, Uncle Snoop Indica offers a deep and relaxing high that's perfect for unwinding after a long day. Its Master Kush parent provides a heavy body high and deep relaxation, while its OG Kush parent contributes a euphoric and uplifting head high. Together, these two strains create a perfect balance of effects that will leave you feeling happy, relaxed, and content.
Prop 65 Warning
1 ounce of cannabis shake. Naturally broken down through handling and mixed with THCa Diamonds.