Korova - Gelato Cartridge (.5g)

75.8 % THC
$39for 89/50000 oz
We've taken our most popular hybrid strain and infused its natural terpene profile into our ultra pure, high potency distillate. We use the most advanced CCELL cartridges to ensure unrivaled taste in every hit. Gelato is our most popular strain on Instagram! Its fruity aroma and sweet sherbert terpenes were biomapped from our original Korova strain and infused into this vape cartridge. This one-of-a-kind profile is unlike any other vape on the market! Gelato is our featured "Anytime" hybrid strain. Puff on your Gelato vape cart and pair it with Netflix marathons, a walk to the smoke shop or hanging out with friends on the beach.
Prop 65 Warning