Roller's Delight

Ice Cream Cake | 1g Preroll

27.11 % THC
$15for 1 g
Ice Cream Cake is a cross between two potent and flavorful strains: Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. Ice Cream Cake, an exquisite indica strain that's sure to satisfy even the most discerning cannabis connoisseurs. Like a perfectly crafted dessert, this strain combines the creamy sweetness of vanilla ice cream with the rich, decadent flavors of a freshly baked cake. But don't let its delectable taste fool you – Ice Cream Cake packs a powerful punch that'll leave you floating on a cloud of relaxation and euphoria. So if you're in the mood for a luxurious and decadent cannabis experience, look no further than Ice Cream Cake. It's the perfect strain to indulge in after a long day or to enhance a special occasion with its irresistible flavor and powerful effects.
Prop 65 Warning
1g Indoor Flower Preroll