Grapes and Cream | 1/2oz Flower

30.4 % THC0.06 % CBD
$90for 1/2 oz
Savor the sweet fusion of Grapes and Cream, a tantalizing hybrid strain born from the exquisite genetics of Grape Ape and Cookies and Cream. With its luscious grape flavors and creamy smoothness, this strain offers a unique and indulgent experience. Enjoy the balanced effects of relaxation and mood upliftment, perfect for unwinding and enhancing social experiences. Treat yourself to the sensory delight of Grapes and Cream, the irresistible hybrid strain that's sure to please your senses!
Prop 65 Warning
They subject all their flowers to rigorous onboarding processes to guarantee freshness, structure, potency, and a proper nose. Their flowers are packaged in clear, easily identifiable jars, allowing purchasers to see the product before buying and ensuring its structural integrity. They take pride in their commitment to honesty and prioritize showcasing their flowers over their brand, providing a great customer experience at a value-engineered price. Every time, they deliver consistent excellence.